How to Rock Neon This Summer

How to Rock Neon This Summer


Hi, I'm Dasha. I'm addicted to color 😁 I don't shy away from bright colors so when I saw neon colors all over the runways, the gram and the bodies of influencers, I was ALL OVER IT. Wearing neon came very natural to me and never thought twice about rocking it. However, as I scrolled through my instagram, I noticed very stylish women discussing their aversion (and to some hate 😮) and/or hesitation to wearing the stand-out trend.

So today I'm sharing the 3 ways I love to rock neon for Summer, hopefully giving you enough inspiration to face your fear!

1. Pop an all white outfit with one neon piece

2. Juxtapose a bright color with a muted one

3. Go full out with color-blocking complementary tones

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