Vintage Bermuda Shorts: A Summer Staple

Vintage Bermuda Shorts: A Summer Staple

As a female whose never had a thigh gap, shorts have always been my least favorite article of clothing. By the time I was old enough to pick my own clothes, it was the 2000s and the only shorts available were tight, denim and covered 1/3 of your butt cheek. After enough time dealing with leg chaffing and thigh jiggling, I pretty much swore off shorts completely (with an occasional emergence during vacations). That was until I discovered bermuda shorts had a resurgence in 2010 and I was finally able to do whatever summer activities one can’t do in a skirt. Side note: I don’t really know how to ride a bike but if I did, I would ride a bike in these shorts 😜.

As all trends do, this trend came and went. But I’m happy to report that bermuda shorts back again! The best part about this trend is that it had its moment dating all the way back to 50s which just means there are a TON of amazing vintage shorts out there! I’m personally a huge fan of really loose, fluid woven ones in fun and colorful patterns. They look and feel like skirt but you won’t flash anyone when the wind suddenly picks up (yes, this has happens to me too many times to count🙈).

They are also extremely versatile with countless ways of styling them up!

  1. Mini-golf Date Look? Wear your shorts with a cropped sweater tank, sandals (heel optional), necktie and denim jacket
  2. Tuesday meeting at the Office? Pull out the classic white button down, add a blazer and finish off with closed toe heel.
  3. Frisbee at the Park? A vintage tee and sneakers is all you need!

Below are vintage bermuda shorts avaiable in the shop!



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