Vintage Levi’s Denim Guide

Vintage Levi’s Denim Guide

If you’re shopping for vintage denim, there are few things you should know before you go.  

1. Not all Levi’s are the same.  Each “style number” IE 501 or 550 relate to the fit of the denim.  This determines the rise, leg opening or how they will fit in the hips.  If this is your first time buying vintage denim, its best to try on different numbers for your perfect.  And 501s aren’t universal :)

2. Levis pre 1980s were mainly made for men.  For example, vintage 501s were made for men. Therefore, they tend to fit tighter on women with curvy hips.  So its important to remember, its on your hips! Just try a different style.

3.  This one may be most important to know - the size you wear in modern denim, is not the size you wear in vintage denim.  Vintage denim sizing is based on the ACTUAL waist measurement.  Modern vintage denim sizing, on the other hand, is all about vanity sizing.  The “waist” is actually 2 inches smaller than your waist size.  So no, you haven’t gained weight.  you’re body is still beautiful.  Size is just a number.


To help you understand all the different Levi’s denim styles, we put together this easy denim guide so you can be prepared next time you go shopping. 

Sometimes, Levi’s just aren’t for you.  And yes that’s ok! We found Wranglers fit curvy women better than Levi’s and they’re just as well made.   


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