Why Choose Secondhand?

Why Choose Secondhand?

We all try to do our best when it comes to saving the environment.
We’re not perfect by any means but it’s important to keep learning about sustainable changes we can adapt to to make an impact.
So we pulled together facts about the impact of the fashion industry on our environment to remind all of us the importance of shopping secondhand & handmade first:⠀

The fashion industry’s carbon impact is larger than the airline industry.Total greenhouse gas emissions are equal to 1.2 billions tons annually - that’s more than all international flights and maritime shipping trips combined!(ellenmacarthurfoundation)⠀


American’s along throw away about 10.5 million tons of clothing every yearSo when we buy what’s already been made that results in less clothing in landfills.

ONE new t-shirt takes 700 gallons of water to make. It takes approximately 0 gallons to buy secondhand.


If everyone bought just ONE used item this year we would save 25 billion gallons of water and 449 lbs of waste.  Imagine how much we would save if we bought secondhand only 10% time!


Vintage is usually better made with better fabrics at a better price. Which means that you’ll be able to have it longer or be able to pass it onto someone else to love and it will still look beautiful.


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